Hot Oil Tracing

Over the past 50 years, we have been engineering, designing, and building Hot Oil systems to heat piping, tanks, vessels, valves, pumps, and instruments. When designing a Hot Oil system factors such as thermal requirements, heating medium routing, flowrate, and heat load must be considered to meet the thermal objective.  Benefits of a typical Hot Oil system include a broader temperature range (-50 to 600F) and lower operating pressures compared to steam.  Typical system layouts include; pump, heater, supply & return header, and heating circuits with applicable flow control devices.

Hot oil tracing, hot oil system

Based on your thermal needs (thermal maintenance, freeze protection, or heat-up/cool-down), we determine the right system for your steam tracing application, whether that be a weld-on or bolt-on jacketing solution. We offer the following products to solve your hot oil tracing needs: