Design & Fabrication

Fabrication - polymer piping and precision manifolds

With over 50 years of experience, CSI works with clients worldwide to develop customized and cost-effective fabrication solutions, including polymer piping and precision manifolds. We also manufacture specialty fabrication solutions, a service that has been at our core since 1976. Our fabrication products include:

  • Jacketed piping, a product made from a core pipe that is completely surrounded by a jacket pipe
  • Power and process piping, which are available in an array of materials, pipe sizes, and wall thicknesses
  • Precision polymer piping and manifolds, which can withstand high pressures and temperatures in rugged applications
  • Specialty fabrication solutions for a wide range of applications

We manufacture our products at our headquarters just south of Charlotte, NC, USA. Discover how CSI’s fabrication solutions can help your business. Click on an item below for product information.