Although piping insulation can be easily field installed, components (such as valves, pumps, meters) can be more challenging to insulate given shape/size variability of each component.  Since CSI already provides ControHeat® bolt-on heating jackets for these components, CSI can also easily provide custom soft pad insulation blankets (ControCovers) for the ControHeat® bolt-on heating jackets


Jacketing Solution for Heating Valves, Instrumentation, Pumps

Standard Features:

  • ControHeat® jacket body is cast from copper-free aluminum (ASTM B179 Grade A 356).
  • Pressure containing insert fabricated from carbon steel (ASME rated SA-178 Grade A Boiler Tube). S/S optional.
  • ControHeat® jackets are cast to “Fit Like a Glove” for specific process components.
  • Pressure and temperature ratings up to 600psig @ 750°F.
  • Thousands of ControHeat® patterns already in CSI inventory.
  • Digital component scanning available to simplify logistics of creating ControHeat® pattern, when required.
  • Optional Accessories Include ControCover Insulation Blankets and Flexible Pre-Insulated Jump-Over Hoses.
  • Ensures proper fit, and therefore, performance, energy conservation, and safety
  • Eliminate project delays from having blankets built on site or through other vendors
  • Easy access to components and re-usable when components are removed for maintenance
  • High quality, long lasting insulating performance