Jacketed Hoses

Bulk storage and distribution centers for molten products such as bitumens, hot melts, pre-polymers, and sulfur are typical applications for jacketed loading and unloading hoses. The construction of the hose assembly consists of a flexible core and a flexible jacket. End connections may be of any type or style compatible with the connectors of mating equipment.


Heating media may be steam, hot oil, hot water, or any other heating media to provide the desired heat transfer. If the jacketed hose is the last assembly in a steam-heated equipment train (such as on the end of a loading arm), the steam supply and condensate drainage need close scrutiny.


Additional critical points include: insulation and personnel-protection requirements, protection from mechanical damage, operational procedures to prevent process damage, personnel weightlifting restrictions, and hose flexibility requirements. CSI sales personnel can help make optimum selections to meet various operating conditions. Maximum allowable working pressures for jacketed hoses vary with diameter, temperature, and braid configurations (single- or double-braided).