Jumpover is the common name for the connector that transfers heating medium from one section of jacketed piping to another, or from one bolt-on heating jacket to another.  Flexible metal jumpover hoses provide a speedy installation alternative to hard piping and stainless tubing jumpovers.  Many plants and refineries use CSI flexible jumpovers to transfer steam, hot water, and hot oil.


The standard jumpover configuration for steam service is a 3/4-in. hose (Type 321 stainless steel core covered by a Type 304 stainless steel braid) with a female JIC hydraulic connection on each end. Adapters are also provided for connecting the JIC hose fitting to standard 3/4-in. couplings on the jacketed piping or bolt-on heating jacket. Other hose sizes (1/2 and 1 in.) and connection configurations are available. CSI flexible jumpovers come pre-insulated with closed-cell, silicone sponge insulation good for temperatures up to 400°F. Flexible fiberglass insulating jackets for higher temperature service are available. Standard flexible jumpovers for hot oil service are 1-in. double-braided.

For proper jumpover installation, the following guidelines should be followed:

Jumpover Hose Installation

The following report may be helpful when troubleshooting steam leaks with jumpover hoses:

Jumpover Leak Report