Heating Circuit Sub-Systems

Circuitry Sub System Accessories

CSI Total Heating Solution (Pre-Insulated Tubing, Manifolds, Steam Traps)

When CSI supplies the thermal maintenance system (TraceBOOST® Tracing, ControTrace®, or fully jacketed piping) why not let us also design and provide the steam circuitry sub systems? Every thermal maintenance system using steam for the heating medium requires the use of steam supply and return pre-insulated tubing, manifolds, steam traps, block valves, and connections.

Heating Circuit Sub Systems

CSI can optimize the configuration of these components to maximize efficiency and functionality – lowering both installed and ongoing operational costs. CSI has partnered with well-known, worldwide leading suppliers of these components to provide high quality products tailored to fit each CSI heating application.  Keep your project simple and save money in the process – let CSI’s experienced design engineers take manifold to manifold responsibility to design a total heating solution for you. CSI’s circuitry sub system components deliver the technical and commercial value you’ve come to expect from CSI for over 50 years.


Pre-insulated tubing, manifolds, steam traps, block valves
  • Optimized system performance, O&M and, project costs
  • Manifold optimization Scheme (MOS)
  • Field installation training & support
  • Reduced infrastructure
Piping Factory - Manifold
  • Fully Optimized Manifold Placement
    All circuit routings are evaluated to determine minimum quantity of manifolds required.
  • Performance Based on Engineering
    Circuit lengths maximized based on pressure drop analysis.
  • Reduced Installation & Labor Costs
    Fewer manifolds and more strategically placed manifolds reduce overall installation & labor costs.