Jacketed Piping

CSI has been a preferred provider of jacketed piping and non-jacketed process and power piping since 1976. Our decades of experience in design and fabrication ensure superior quality and heat transfer in all of our products. Today, we are the largest provider of jacketed piping on the USA’s East Coast and have strategic alliance agreements with several Fortune-500 companies. We have provided our high-performance products to customers as far away as China.

Jacketed Piping & Power Piping

Jacketed piping systems feature a core pipe surrounded by a jacket pipe. Process flows through the core pipe, while a heating medium (or cooling medium) flows in the annular space between the core and jacket pipes. We have experience in all three basic types of jacketed piping:

The design and fabrication of jacketing piping systems are significantly more complex than that for process piping. Design/fabrication mistakes can be very costly to correct in the field. Why trust your jacketed piping to anyone else?