Sulfur Process Equipment

Thermal Process Equipment - Sulfur Sealing Device

CSI develops industrial process equipment for clients worldwide. Our thermal process equipment is manufactured to solve an array of industrial heating problems, from ensuring the safe flow of sulfur to sealing in vapors in sulfur rundown lines. Constructed using only the highest-quality materials, our process equipment is durable, effective, and above all, dependable.

Our industrial thermal process equipment includes:

  • ICOn™ Degassing Technology, an Innovative and Flexible In-Situ Claus Degassing Technology
  • SxView™ Sulfur Sight Port, a component that enables operators to view liquid sulfur flow without the risk of H2S vapor and/or liquid sulfur spray exposure
  • SxSeal® 1000, an above-ground sulfur seal solution for refineries and gas plants
  • SxSeal® 2000, a sulfur sealing device with the advantages of both in-ground and above-ground devices, without any trade-offs
  • Sulfur Seal Leg, an in-ground device that seals vapors in sulfur rundown lines

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