ICOn™ Sulfur Degassing System

An Innovative and Flexible In-Situ Claus Degassing Technology

CSI’s patented ICOn™ degassing system helps refiners and gas plants overcome the challenges of having high levels of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) in the elemental sulfur produced in the Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU). High levels of H2S present both a safety and environment risk.
The ICOn Degassing System reduces the H2S in the sulfur from 500+ ppmw to less than 10 ppmw with less than 4 minutes residence time. Sulfur is passed over a fixed-bed catalyst while simultaneously being sparged with a gas that carries away the H2S.
The unique arrangement of the ICOn degassing contactor enables it to be installed at the outlet of the SRU sulfur condensers. Thus, the sulfur is degassed before it enters the sulfur pit or any other sulfur storage container. The ICOn technology eliminates the need for storage of H2S-laden sulfur and the associated risks.
The ICOn degassing system can use a large variety of sparge gases including SRU process gas, steam, nitrogen, and air. The spent gas can be sent to a variety of destinations including an incinerator, the TGU, a mid-point in the SRU, or the reaction furnace at the beginning of the SRU. This flexibility is unprecedented in sulfur degassing. Each unit can be configured to provide the most optimal and cost-effective solution for each application.

ICOn Sulfur Degassing System
  • Reduce potential personnel exposure to H2S in sulfur storage and handling
  • Improve sulfur pit vapor recovery operation and reduce emissions
  • Increase flexibility of treatment of an oxygen free waste stream


Configuration and Placement Graph
  • ICOn™ design allows for degassing before sulfur enters the pit
  • Configured to achieve levels of H2S below 10ppm
  • Packed bed catalyst requires no routine maintenance or re-supply during normal use
  • No rotating equipment
  • Sparge with available plant gases
  • Spent sparge gas is sent to the SRU where it is processed with the rest of the material
  • Retrofit into any existing plant
  • Adaptable to limitations of the existing equipment
  • Accommodates various liquid/vapor input/output configurations
ICOn Sulphur Degassing System
  • Provides a Safer Operating Environment by Reducing Levels of H2S in the System
    Lower H2S levels reduce the risk of operator exposure, pit fires, and explosions
  • Zero Added Emissions and a Reduction in Overall Plant Emissions
    Degassing before storage in pits or tank reduces overall plant emissions
  • Simplified Operation and Reduced Facility Maintenance
    ICOn™ degassing system simplifies operation and reduces maintenance requirements of a critical unit within the refinery of gas plant
  • Flexibility to Adapt to Any Existing Facility Connections and Layout
    Unparalleled configuration flexibility minimizing the time required to install the new system
  • Simple maintenance
    No filters required; debris removed from settling area through clean-out access