SxSample™ Assembly - Sulfur Sampling

Sulfur sampling in sulfur rundown and transfer lines is made easy and safe with CSI SxSample™.  CSI’s SxSample™ delivers the technical and commercial value you’ve come to expect from CSI for over 50 years.


Sulfur sampling Process Equipment
  • Carbon steel valve body with stainless steel sample container holding basket.
  • Fully jacketed with CSI ControHeat® bolt on steam jacket.
  • Only requires 2” NPS 150# flange connection to process.
  • Adjustable holding basket accepts containers up to 6” diameter x 6” tall.
  • Constant Volume Sampling
    Each sample is approximately 7 in3 (115 mL).
  • No free path to atmosphere
    Sample style plug valve prevents process from having free path to atmosphere – promoting safety by preventing potential for operator exposure.