SxSeal® 1000 Sulfur Trap

SxSeal® 1000

Above-ground Sulfur Seal Solution for SRU Rundown Lines

For many years, refineries and gas plants have employed below-ground seal legs to prevent process vapor from entering the sulfur pit or collection vessel. While seal legs perform this function well, they are prone to water intrusion and mechanical plugging, which results in costly repairs and unplanned SRU downtime. To address issues with current technology, CSI has partnered with oil and gas industry leaders to develop an above-ground sulfur seal solution: the SxSeal® 1000.

SxSeal1000 Sulfur Trap

CSI’s patent-pending SxSeal® 1000 design ensures reliable sealing performance while enabling continuous SRU operation. Moreover, the SxSeal® 1000 is backed by CSI’s engineering expertise, expansive production capacity, and exemplary customer service. As such, CSI’s SxSeal® 1000 delivers the technical and commercial value you’ve come to expect from CSI for over 50 years.


Sulfur Sealing Section Diagram
  • Patent-pending internal sealing mechanism
  • Interchangeable internal components
  • Quick-opening top head
  • Stainless steel sealing components; all other components carbon steel
  • Maintenance drain valve
  • Heated externally with ControTrace® steam tracing system (not shown)


Optional Configurations & Components:

  • Option 1
    Rod-out nozzles
  • Option 2
    Bottom discharge to accommodate positioning directly above pit inlet
  • Option 3
    All stainless steel construction
  • Option 4
    Pressure relief bypass
Sulfur Seal Process Equipment
  • Safe, reliable sealing performance
    Prevents vapor from flowing downstream
  • Easy to install
    Installed entirely above ground with simple flange connections
  • Easy to maintain
    Internals accessible via quick-opening top head
  • Continuous SRU operation
    Regular cleaning is performed with the SRU operating at full capacity