SxSeal® 2000 Sulfur Trap

SxSeal® 2000

Above-ground Sulfur Seal Solution for SRU Rundown Lines

For many years, refineries and gas plants have employed in-ground seal legs to prevent process vapor from entering the sulfur pit or collection vessel. While seal legs perform this function up to a point, they are prone to water intrusion and mechanical plugging, which result in costly repairs and unplanned SRU downtime.

SxSeal® 2000 Sulfur Trap, Sulfur Seal Solution

Above-ground sealing devices address many of these issues; but only CSI’s SxSeal® 2000 provides all the benefits of above-ground and in-ground sulfur sealing devices, without any trade-offs. In addition, the SxSeal® 2000 is backed by CSI’s engineering expertise, expansive production capacity, and exemplary customer service. As such, CSI’s SxSeal® 2000 delivers the technical and commercial value you have come to expect from CSI for over 50 years.

Sxseal Map

SxSeal 2000 is a globally accepted alternative to traditional, in-ground sulfur seals with installations around the world.


Sulfur Seal Section Drawing
  • Patented internal sealing mechanism
    Easy to replace assembly; opens during pressure event to allow vapor discharge downstream
  • Stainless steel sealing components
    Resistant to damage from corrosion; provides more durable sealing surfaces
  • Large debris collection area
    No filters required; longer operating time between cleanings
  • Full port clean-out access through maintenance drain valve
    Supports faster maintenance; minimizes down time
  • Sight glass view ports
    Provides unit operating status; used to diagnose upset conditions
  • CSI ControTrace® external heating system
    Proven, reliable heating performance without the added cost of traditional welded jacketing
SxSeal-2000 Sulfur Sealing
  • Safe, reliable sealing performance
    Prevents vapor from flowing downstream
  • Visual confirmation
    Sight glasses provide visual confirmation of unit operating condition
  • Supplemental relief path
    Sealing assembly opens during pressure event to allow vapor downstream
  • Simple installation
    Entire unit installed above ground
  • Simple maintenance
    No filters required; debris removed from settling area through clean-out access