Installation Literature & Videos


A good installation is essential to the performance of any thermal maintenance system, regardless of whether the system features fully jacketed piping, bolt-on jacketing or enhanced tube tracing. For proper ControTrace®/ControHeat® and TraceBOOST® installation, the following guidelines should be followed:

TraceBOOST® Installation

ControTrace® Installation

ControHeat® Installation

Jumpover Hose Installation

In the event that any CSI system (Jacketed Pipe, ControTrace®/ControHeat®, TraceBOOST®, etc.) does not perform as designed, CSI will gladly schedule a site visit to discuss with the client(s) and assist in troubleshooting.

For steam heating systems, the following troubleshooting guide may be used to determine if the steam system is operating properly:

The following report may be helpful when troubleshooting steam leaks with jumpover hoses: