Coker Charge Pump Protection

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Heating System for Coker Charge Pump Protection

The overall health and uptime of a Coker Unit is a concern of any operator. A critical component of this system is the Coker charge pump lines. Unfortunately, these lines are particularly susceptible to issues related to plugging or solidification which leads to a loss of Coker feed. The operator must then curtail, or even shutdown, production resulting in significant lost revenue. There are a few simple solutions an operator can adopt to avoid these costly Coker feed line issues.

By installing and protecting bypass lines with control valve stations, Coker feed lines have an added layer of protection from unplanned shutdowns. CSI specializes in solving process line and valve heating challenges by offering a complete thermal management solution. This includes thermal modeling of the entire system and recommendation of technology that prevents issues such as plugging and solidification. Our objective is to maintain the proper temperature of the transport lines and valves preventing the process materials from solidifying by removing cold spots in the system.

Please see the application report below for one example.

Coker Charge Pump Protection Application Report