Total Heating Solution


Project Cost Reduction Through Project Design Optimization

Avoid the hassle of spreading your project scope and spend across multiple vendors.

Minimize additional overhead from multiple companies
Eliminate mismatched hardware and project delays
Remove waste from non-optimized design philosophies


Total heating solution

CSI Uses 4 Prong Strategy To Reduce Cost Without
Compromising Quality


Optimize the
utility infrastructure


Optimize the
heating circuit lengths


Match the heating technology
to the application


Structure the bid process
to reward optimization

Workplace Heating Solutions S line tubing Piping & Manifolds Gleason Gauge Steam Trap Gleason Gauge


Reduce your total tracing/infrastructure CAPEX price by up to 78% through CSI’s THS optimization.


CSI provides both the heating system and the steam circuit supply and return components for a Total Heating Solution. This package optimizes system performance, streamlines the procurement process, and minimizes capital and operating expense by optimizing infrastructure.

Every Component Works Together To:

  • Optimize Thermal Performance: Ensures all hardware is technically sufficient; ensures circuits do not exceed maximum distance.

  • Optimize Project Execution: Eliminates coordination between providers of engineered heating system and steam infrastructure components.

  • Optimize Total Life Costs: Minimizes quantity of field-installed components; minimizes long-term maintenance.

Total steam system solutions



We offer a complete line of heating system technologies and provide full engineering services to support their design and implementation. Design expertise to ensure proper routing, thermal analyses to determine heating element coverage & optimized circuitry.

Jacketed Piping Jacketed Piping
Jacketed piping surrounds the process pipe (core) with a jacket pipe. The heating medium flows through the annular space. This technology provides maximum heat transfer to the process. CSI has extensive experience with both thermal and mechanical design of jacketed pipe.

TraceBOOST™ is installed over conventional tube tracing to boost the heat transfer rate to the process. It is an ideal solution for any application that requires more than one tube trace run. Maximizing the heat available from each run means fewer runs and lower total cost.

ControTrace ControTrace
This bolt-on heat jacketing solution can be used on pipes, tanks, vessels and other items. It is a cost-effective alternative to fully jacketed pipe. The external heating elements prevent cross-contamination, can be installed on existing equipment, and can be tuned to optimize heat input.

Tube Tracing Tube Tracing
Best suited for applications with low performance demands such as freeze protection. Provides low cost, easy install, and easy field modification. But more demanding applications require many tracer runs resulting in exponential cost and complexity increase.




When CSI supplies the thermal maintenance system (TraceBOOST® Tracing, ControTrace®, or fully jacketed piping) why not let us also design and provide the steam circuitry sub systems?
CSI can optimize the configuration of these components to maximize efficiency and functionality – lowering both installed and ongoing operational costs. CSI has partnered with well-known, worldwide leading suppliers of these components to provide high quality products tailored to fit each CSI heating application. Keep your project simple and save money in the process – let CSI’s experienced design engineers take manifold to manifold responsibility to design a total heating solution for you. CSI’s circuitry sub system components deliver the technical and commercial value you’ve come to expect from CSI for over 50 years.


  • Optimized system performance, O&M and, project costs
  • Manifold optimization Scheme (MOS)
  • Field installation training & support
  • Reduced infrastructure
  • Fully Optimized Manifold Placement: All circuit routings are evaluated to determine minimum quantity of manifolds required.
  • Performance Based on Engineering: Circuit lengths maximized based on pressure drop analysis.
  • Reduced Installation & Labor Costs: Fewer manifolds and more strategically placed manifolds reduce overall installation & labor costs.
Like all other substances, water can exist in several states— solid, liquid, or vapor— depending on its temperature and pressure.  Steam is the name for water in its vapor state.  Steam is created by heating liquid water to a point where the intermolecular forces between the molecules are broken, allowing the molecules to move apart. Steam energy is a significant proportion of the energy costs in the process industry. Just having an efficient boiler does not ensure high efficiencies of the steam cycle rather efficiently distributing and utilizing steam combined with recovery of condensate play a major role in improving steam cycle efficiencies.

Every steam system consists of the following major components:

Steam Supply & Condensate Return ManifoldsSteam Supply & Manifolds
The compact design saves space, reduces potential leak points, and expedites installation. Unlike gate or globe valves, our piston valves are self-cleaning, have an inherently erosion-resistant seating surface configuration, and do not have an exposed rotating shaft.

Pre-Insulated Tubing Tubing Pre-Insulated
S-LINE® is used for steam supply and condensate return lines feeding individual steam circuits. Delivered as one continuous roll, each run is field routed to follow the best available path. Can be colored to differentiate steam from condensate.

Steam Trap & Trap Station Steam Trap & Trap Station
CSI will pick a trap style and model that best suits the heating technology and application. The Trap Station contains isolation valves, a strainer, and a test port in a single compact package. Both initial installation and future maintenance are simplified.



We offer a selection of steam circuit monitoring technologies ranging from simple to sophisticated.

Fiberoptic Temperature Monitor Fiberoptic Temperature Monitor
This product continuously records approximate pipe surface temperature by running fiberoptic cables along the length of the pipe. A central controller translates the optical signal to a temperature plot.

Heating medium temperature gauge Heating Medium Temperature Gauge
This insertion-mounted temperature gauge is typically installed on the last jumper, using a tee pipe fitting. It provides precise heating medium temperature.

gleason gauge Gleason Gauge
This surface-mounted temperature gauge is located upstream of the steam trap to provide a rough indication of circuit health.

Steam trap centralized monitor Steam Trap Centralized Monitor
This cloud-based system is the most advanced ultrasonic steam monitoring system on the market. It provides continuous steam trap monitoring to ensure systems are working as cost-effectively as possible.