Water Condensation

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Heating System to Prevent Compressor fouling due to water condensation

The occurrence of condensation may seem minimal and largely overlooked in lieu of more critical process issues in plants.  In addition, condensation of some vapors within a piping system may have no negative impact on the piping itself.  However, when that condensation comes in contact with equipment such as compressors, major issues can develop.  Effects can cause equipment fouling and/or failure, significant downtime, and lost revenue.  And often times operations accept these issues as part of daily life.  It doesn’t have to be that way.

CSI specializes in solving thermal challenges such as condensation.  Our support includes thermal modeling of the entire system and recommendation of technology that prevents issues such as condensation, plugging, and corrosion.  For vapors, our objective is prevention of condensation throughout the system.  This approach ensures equipment fouling and other negative effects are eliminated – and throughput maximized as a result.

Please see the application report below for one example.

TB-on-Pipe-Close-up  SO2 off-gas application report